About Us

The Beginning of Time

We first met many years ago,
an exact date of which neither of us know.

Both very young and acting very stupid,
we created quite the tough job for cupid.

So how did we get from there to where we are now,
below is our very own timeline that will show you how.

The Year 2007

It wasn't until a chance meeting through our good friend KC,
that we both got a glimpse of what we could be.

The Year 2009

Back into each other's lives we would come in the summer of 2009,
it was at this point a date was arranged for some company and some wine.

The Year 2010

And so we would become an item by Christmas 2010,
thanks to some nervous conversation and the gift of a pen.

The Year 2011

The year 2011 provided us with plenty of adventure,
with concerts, holidays and a family wedding to share.

The Year 2012

But it will always be the year 2012 that will stand out in memory,
for this year we bought our first home and had our first baby.

The Year 2013

Growing as parents and sharing our first home, the year went by so fast,
early December Mark popped the question, a moment we wished would last.

The Year 2014

As the months rolled by excitement turned to planning,
so many decisions on how to create our perfect wedding.

The Year 2015

And now that moment is drawing closer as the days become few,
we are both very excited about sharing our special day with you.

About Us